mosaic in turquoise mosaic and gold



The ancient Greeks believed mosaics are one of the ‘divine orders’ alongside music, muse and museum. This concept will never fail to inspire my need to make artwork.


Here I have  a selection of mosaic artworks for sale, or made to order requests. The works created are stories that depict and celebrate the beauty of life and where I live.


The mosaics contain connections to my 'home and heritage' through my use of iridescent and industrialised materials that reflect my landscape. 


If you are interested in my work then please visit my For Sale page. 

Mosaic artworks shown are marked 'BUY' or 'Made to Order'. If you are interested in knowing more about my work, making a purchase or commissioning a piece, please feel free to contact Stephanie.


Purchases can be made through PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER, this we can discuss on your enquiry. 


 What do I do next if I want to commission a mosaic?