community mosaic whale and mosaic dresses

Community Portfolio


I have been directing, facilitating and constructing publicly engaged projects since 1996. This aspect of my arts practice keeps me engaged with communities, which in turn I find essential for my personal creativity.  It’s an aspect of my career I nurture for the rewards it shares.

Community projects create opportunities to bring people together - to learn together, make together and feel pride together. This reflects the benefits of 'art and well-being', 'art and education' and 'art and connectivity' that I believe bring creative prosperity to communities.

I work alongside schools, youth and community groups, multi cultural communities and the elderly. Through making unique opportunities, people are able to connect and unite, to understand and flourish, respecting and enjoy the richess of connectivity.  

My projects use the finest of materials to acheive a richness of colour and depth that gives the thematic the respect it requires and deserves.


My ethos is to make artwork that connects people through visual storytelling, understood by all ages and educational or cultural backgrounds.


Please contact Stephanie for any enquiries or to discuss a project 

Nature isn't Neat - April 26, 2023

Street Fairy - March 16, 2021

The Seven Sisters of Newport - February 05, 2021

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