girl making a mosaic of a women from Newport history

Arts and Education 


I believe that working with children is an exchange of energy, laughter and creative enjoyment. I have been making mosaics with children for over 25 years and enjoy the freeness of their thinking and creativity, from design to making.

All my projects are creative collaborations between Head Teachers, teachers, pupils and myself. Where education and making can involve entire schools, a chosen group of individuals or a combination of the two. Projects can support either heritage, history or ideologies, to promote learning through the experience of art and making processes.

Working together through research, design and manufacture, I produce high quality artworks for school and/or communities, that are rich in information and aesthetics.


Key Stage 1-2, Making to aid learning for pupils

Key Stage 3-4, Utilising making to provide ‘Work Experience’ education for pupils


Making to aid learning for pupils - Key Stage 1-2

I create mosaic projects that encourage creative and practical learning through the language of art. I use structured teaching methods, including topical discussions, drawing and literacy, combined with 3D constructing to aid design visualisations.

I then introduce practical mosaic techniques to bring colour theory, movement and texture to the design, these are inspired by the depth and beauty of the materials  supplied. 

Demonstrations on the use of tools and making techniques bring insight to the process of manufacture. While the cutting of materials is out of pupils limits, I encourage stencil making and patternation experiments with tiles, to create the greatest effect.

These projects promote educated problem solving, group working and focused making, to create beautiful glass mosaics that echo the theme or topic of choice; to be enjoyed by pupils and/or their communities.


Utilising ‘Work Experience’ education for pupils Key Stage - 3-4


'Work Experience' styled projects for secondary school students, I format in a similar structure as Key Stage 1-2 projects, but I emphasis personal research, exploration and development. I use stages of mosaic design and construction, as a vehicle to form deeper layers of learning through the umbrella of 'arts and education'.

These projects form unique opporunitiies for pupils to understand and experience some of the demands and qualities needed for work situations. I provide a nurturing envirionment that guides individuals to work towards their strengths. 

My projects celebrate community interaction and cohesion, while bringing vibrant and professionally made mosaics to schools and communities. 

 Child holding a mosaic

 image of a school mosaic


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For projects costing please read Mosaic projects and Costings

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