artwork of menopause and the earth combined by artist 



My work is a visual communication of information that permeates the layers I create through the process of making.


As a multidisciplinary artist, there are no limits to the materials, approach or process I use to create art. I am fascinated by the qualities and potential of materials and how they, through mindful handling, become my descriptive language. I see materials as holding qualities that reflect emotions as well as stories, which I use conciously as metaphors for communication.


South Wales, my home, has introduced me to the juxtaposition between the human hardship and material hardness of industrialised Wales, while expressing an undulating beauty in its natural landscape. These contrasting aspects have influenced the materials I use that integrate ‘home and heritage,' into the stories of my sculptural, installation or mosaic artworks.


Through combining mosaic and assemblage techniques of making, I aim to construct works that have a fluid and sensitively communicated message, that is encapsulated by an alluring and beguiling quality.


Many of my personal artworks display a 'contemporary' or less orthodox approach to the handling of mosaic materials.  This allows me to release materials from the confinements of cement, allowing a tesserae to become an object, unit or body of information. These components form and find an andamento or movement, that become the essence of my art.


I often work in collaboration with artisans, artists, carpenters and black smiths to realise the manufacture of artworks or projects. These partnerships expand the potential of design and execution of artworks.



A process of deconstruction 

mosaic layers made of glass


Ffresh Restaurant, Cardiff Bay.

Interior design commission to create copper trees and waterfall for restaurant.

Ffresh restaurant Cardiff copper trees

Arts and Community - January 22, 2021

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