About - Stephanie Roberts Art


'My artwork explores how placement of self in environment

and society form our framework of understanding.

Researching and reflecting in past, present and self to

reframe and inspire a future. Materials and objects inform

my creative process, concepts and narative, inspiring a

language for creation.'



A Multidisciplinary artist

I live in South Wales where I have been working for the education sector creating multidisaplinary and mosaic art projects, residencies and public art, in association with art centres, regeneration schemes and local authorities since 1997.

Public Art and commissions enable me explore my interest in the muses, museum, mosaic theory and music as reference to concept and design. A diversity of projects allow me to use my multidisaplinary approach in creation in delivering innovitive and ulluring artworks that support, heritage and culture, interior designs, education, social cohesion and interaction. Working in collaboration with artists and artisans, archictects, sub-contrators and designers.

In recent years I have been researching the relationship between contemporary mosaic art, fine art and assemblage art. Departmentalising the mosaic structure while embracing its theories. Where a tessarae of mosaic becomes an object of assemblage and an object becomes an informed tessarae of a mosaic theory. Materials and objects become my language and poetry to express and create. While research into self, space and place inform the narative.






I use materials as expressive visual language to inform the narative. As a multidisaplinary artist, material selection is diverse and emotive to thematic. Materials are handled with a delicacy and innovation. 



Tim Rice Design - Ffresh Restaurant WMC, The Royal Mint, The Wales Refugee Council, Women’s Aid,   Violence Against Women (VAWDASA), Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Tenovus, St. David’s Hospice, Ty Hafan Hospice, Arts Alive, Wessex Water.