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The process of mosaic assemblage gives me the freedom to be inspired by a unlimited array of materials and objects. Influenced by industrial materials, metal forms linear boundaries that allow me to create contours and depth. The ancient Greeks believed mosaics are one of the ‘divine orders’ alongside music, muse and museum. This will never fail to inspire me.

The themes of my works are very often about personal journeys, places i've visited and sensibilities that have been touched with in me.


Mosaic artworks shown below are either to 'BUY' or 'Made to Order' artworks as marked. Please state the name of the artwork you are interested in purchasing or would like to commission on contacting me.


Purchases can be made through PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER, this we can discuss on your enquirey. Thank you


Please feel free to email me, Stephanie, to arrange to make a call or write to me regarding a piece of work you are interested in knowing more about. 


 What do I do next if I want to commission a mosaic?


fairy made of mosaic

Fruitful, 2020

Approx. 28cm x 70cm Wood substrate

Materials - iridescent glass, copper,  lead, steel, brass, stained glass and gold leaf under glass    

Cost £320                        



mosaic of a pregnant lady with twins 

pregnant lady with lead hair made of mosaic

Blooming, 2020

Approx. 28cm x 70cm  Wood substrate

Materials - stained glass, cement grout, lead, gold leaf under glass, glass, crockery 

Cost £280    


 mosaic of a iridescent circle pale brown

mosaic with iridescent birds

mosaic birds

Repitition, 2020

60cm diameter. Cement substrate

Materials - iridescent glass, stained glass, lead, forged steel

Cost £570                                             



a family of trees made in mosaics

My family, 2020

23cm x 18cm. Welsh slate substrate  

Materials - smalti glass, lead, copper, coins, nuts, gold, iridescent glass, found objects                         

Cost £45                    

Made to order


mosaic leaf with fabric flowers


Leaf, 2015

Approx. 25cm x 60cm  Wood substrate           

Materials - stone, slate, lead, glass, smalti glass, fabric flowers

Cost £200                          



 mosaic of turquoise blue circular mosaic with gold centre

mosaic in blue 


Green Tara in golden surround

Optara, 2012

120cm diameter x 30cm, wood or cement substrate     

Materials - hand built ceramic covered in18k gold leaf,  hand built ceramics, glazed ceramic, lead, slate, smalti glass, glass, vitrified glass, fabric flower                               

Cost £3500   

Made to order (each piece will be unique in outcome)


mosaic of Shiva mirror background
close up of a mosaic of shiva

Shiva, 2020

12cm diameter x 25cm, wood substrate

Materials - mirror, vitrified ceramic        

Cost £1300                     



lady standing on a city made in mosaic


close up of head and shoulders of a women with a shall, made of mosaic

close up of the city of Newport made of mosaic

Lady of the City, 2012

183cm x 90cm, wood substrate

Materials - stone marble, lead, glass, glazed ceramics, iridescent glass, resin        

Cost £1650                     



mosaic inspired by a Hundertwasser painting


brightly coloured mosaic

coloured mosaic

Blind Venus, 2014 – (Hundertwasser and light study)   

Approx. 65cm x 100cm x 30cm, wood substrate. Substantial in weight. Lights work through mains plug.

Cost £1500       



circular mosaic with nails

mosaic with nails

mosaic with nails

Sequence of elements, 2020

60cm diameter x 15cm,  cement/polystyrene substrate       

Materials - mother of pearl, nails, stained glass, iridescent glass, lead, slate

Cost £540           



mosaic with nails and power shell round

detail of a mosaic made with nails

Industrial Garden, 2015

60cm diameter x 15cm, wood or cement substrate          

Materials - mother of pearl, nails, stained glass, iridescent glass, glass, lead, slate, found steel, fake grass

Cost £540                    

Made to order


mosaic of ladies head with a saw as a hat 

girl with saw on her head mosaic

The final adornment, 2012

Approx. 70cm x 30cm x 20cm

Materials - iridescent glass, lead, steel saw blade, nails      

Cost £450                      



head of a lady with flowers growing out of her head

flowers forming out of a ladies head in mosaic and fabric flowers

The antisipation of green space, 2012

Approx. 70cm x 30cm x 20cm

Materials - iridescent glass, lead, grout cement, glass, fabric flowers

Cost £450   



lady feeding a humming bird with flowers on her head in mosaic

lady feeding a Chilean hummer bird made of mosaic in green

She feeds the soul, 2014

Approx. 55cm x 28cm, slate substrate  (wood board not included)  

Materials - ceramic tile, lead, found objects, stained glass, copper, brass, fabric flowers, resin

Cost £320            



13 flowers in a vase made in lead and mosaic

13 Sunflowers, 2013

Size 40cmx 28cm, wood substrate

Materials -  lead, gold tile, ceramic tile, copper, smalti glass, glass, nails        

Cost £250                     

Made to order


golden vine in mosaic

detail of a golden vine in mosaic

Golden Vine, 2015

183cm x 90cm, wood substrate

Materials - slate, lead, gold tile, 18k gold tile,              

Cost £600                        



Commissioned mosaic artworks 

What do I do next if I want to commission a mosaic




Galleries exhibitied

Barnabas House, Wales

The Project Space, Wales

Urban Art Space, Wales

The Upmarket Galleries, Wales

The Riverfront Theatre and Gallery, Wales

Cafe’ Oriel, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Wales

Oran Gallery, Wales

Ceil Gallery, NC, USA.

Craft Renaissance, Wales

Dartington Hall, England

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