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mosaic of a pregnant women with a big belly

 'A Pregnant Pause'

This mosaic artwork celebrates the excitment of pregnancy for all expectant families  while providing the visual space to imagine your baby's growth. Enclosed in this package are a carefully selected and cut tiles for you to create a mosaic image of the pose and size of your baby. For first time parents or a growing family, this cathartic and engaging creativity helps all the family express themselves as your baby grows. Until you decide what image to fix permenently, if you do, the posibilities are endless hours of fun while forming a bonding experience. 

mosaic baby bump

I've added my own African beaded ear ring in this embryo image.  

The artwork is made of the ulluring nature of iridescent stained glass, to portray the preciousness and empowerment of pregnacy. Contrasted beautifully with the rustic nature of traditional Welsh slate, the artwork is a gorgeous addition to house or garden. That also offers a wonderfully playful aspect for all the family to enjoy, while asking - What is baby doing now?


mosaicc of a pregnant belly with a baby inside


It is a playful way to explore the many stages of growth of your unborn baby, as well as imagine their positons as they twist, turn or just relax.


baby in a belly made of mosaic funny image


"Oh my goodness! Super sexy and cute all at the same time! Beautiful and playful! Love "

Primary School Teacher, Zaharah


The mosaic can be hung simply on the wall using nails with the 2 origional nail holes on the slate. This allowing for simple and convienient use.

The Pregnant Pause artwork looks beautiful with or without a design in the belly. But i have included all the adhesive and grout you will need stick and finish your design professionally. The choice is yours.


mosaic baby bump 


Note- The tiles are child safe but please check them before use. The parts are small so please bear this in mind with smaller children.  

Cost - £80 plus £15 p&p or free on collection from Newport, South Wales

Slate size approximately- 23cm x 40cm

 Contact Stephanie to place an order. 

 Pregnant Pause kit includes -

A selection of tiles

Adhesive and grout

Mixing sticks and cleaning buds

An online video link, 'How to mosaic and finish your artwork' will also be included along with a list of additional materials and tools you might need, ie tile nippers.

Please note that every sheet of 'maple syrup' stained glass used to create the figure, has its own beautiful character which I cut by hand into shape. All artworks will have their own unique characteristic flow and colour variations as a result.


The concept 

The concept for 'What is baby doing? and the belly bump image, was inspired by my 2 mosaic pieces made in retrospect with memories of pregnacy and raising my children.

My eldest and I used to endlessly draw on my belly the growing baby inside until birth. It was great fun and a really special way of getting used to the new baby's imminant arrival. What is baby doing now? was our question of thought. "Mummy I think it is eating an ice-cream", "I think its got it's toe up its nose" are some of my favourites.


Examples of these artworks are shown below and are featured in my Shop 'For sale  


mosaic of a pregnant women


mosaic of a pregnant women


Thank you for visiting my website.

thank you made in mosaic glass

The mosaic drawing above was made by my very talented niece age 7, Ellie sent me this' thank you' note for the tiles I gifted to her. 



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