Art and Experimentation

 ink painting

These workshops allow children to find alternative ways to communicate through the manipulation of materials and the potential of the uninhibited pencil line. 

I concentrate on breaking free of the confinement’s of expression, children can adopt as they grow and develop.  The freeness and fun aspect of these workshops brings confidence and encourages mark making skills. Experimenting and making ‘so called mistakes’, to learn to break free of the rules we so easily build up around us as we grow.  

I support and courage pupils to gain a more in-depth use of materials, in those who want to push their creative skills, and provide a space of comfort for those who need to find new ways of using art process, to support language and communication without words. 

Workshops will use a chosen curriculum based topic, art gallery or artwork as a source inspiration.


Collaborations with Newport Museum, Criw Celf and Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, animation and Winding Snake Productions, The Riverfront Gallery. 



Gallery Inspired Workshops

boy making art

childs expression with inks

painting with inks

children in a gallery drawing


Inspired by an Artist

girl with painting of a painting 

Exploring a journey

Childs painting using paints and mosaic

layered art make by a child 


Layering visual information


child making art


Animation - Learning to Fly

making a mosaic animation still image

mosaic animation still images


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