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3D story

Exploring the unstoppable mind


As a dyslexic artist, I have had my own struggles learning through conventional teaching methods. The experience has left residual harm to my self in the form of self confidence and coping with frustration. This in later life has lead to learning well- being techniques and using art process to find ways of  drawing through my frustrations and/or using art to aid my communication skills. As a result of my explorations I was granted funding from The Arts Council of Wales to address these issues and further explore my self through Art and Language,  visual expression with incredibly successful results to my sense of acceptance and forgiveness of self. 


Please, may I invite you to look at the exhibition that was part of my explorations into self and language through art in 2017, Case Study.


These multidisciplinary workshops take each child on an individual journey into space and place, through their own personal navigation and using a variety of art materials. The structure is inspired by them and their interests, where forrest schools and adventure lead to story telling through 3 dimensions and vocalising a story as I write it down.


All ages and levels of art experience can benefit from embracing this freeness of creative exploration, uninhibited by class structure or rules. 


Workshops are extremely beneficial to those who have a desire to enjoy the ‘playful attributes of spacial limitless thinking’ link to blog. 


No rules, no boundaries, no pressure - just expression



Drawing a story

child making a 3 D frog story

3 d frog story

a story in a picture 


Painting expressions

childs drawing of emotion

painting of a heart and a rainbow art and dyslexia 


Mapping and feeling a journey

mapping out a journey in a painting


Expressions in mosaic

mosaic play tiles on a table making a pattern


I am experienced at teaching, although not qualified, but have experience of over 25 years in schools with pupils, in primary and secondary education running school workshop with support from Arts Council, Governent and Heritage Funds.

I obtain a full CRB check through LLantarnam Grange Arts Centre, who have been championing me for over 20 years. 



I day -  £250

2 day - £450

4 day - £800


Project Structuring

Each workshop is stuctured to suit the needs of your pupils. This will be formed with the support and guildence of your schools Special Educational Needs Officer, via a visit to your school or on Zoom.

The workshops are small, only 4 per group and a support teacher must be present at all times. All materials are supplied.


Larger workshop or project packages can be arrange with discounts included.


Photos from Panteg Primary, Criw Celf in collaboration with Llantarnam Arts Centre.


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