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mosaic of seahorses made at a festival

Outdoor Arts for Festivals


1. Childrens eco friendly forest inspired workshops

2. Child, teenager or adult mosaic workshops


Childrens eco friendly forest inspired workshops

I have been running workshops for kids and adults at festival for years. The fun and excitement of being at a festival is now more deliciously vibrant or as exciting as in the children’s field.  Petal and Pond outdoor arts, now run forest school style workshops that bring education and creative arts, mixed together with eco awareness, with a 'leave no trace' ethos.

Our workshops are fun and simple in formula. Using forest found and gathered materials, we teach how to make interactive, playful and cute creatures of the garden, forest, field and imagination. We provide information on home environments and talk about the life that their creature might live in, helping to aid learning and awareness of nature.

The made artworks are designed to be placed into gardens after the workshop where bugs can reclaim their works and become absorbed back into the ground.

This workshop is suitable for children 5 years above with parent support but is enjoyed by all ages and imaginations.

I an DBS cheeked annually and run my workshops in accordance to Health and Safety regulations.


Contact Stephanie for more information. Thank you


Please enjoy the photographs below.


Forest School, Bug Buddies

child holding up a bug she made out of forest materials at a festival

father and son making at a festival

Family with young child after a workshop looking very happy


Temporary or permanant mosaics for festivals

Mosaics are a fantastic opportunity to bring some down time for any child, teenager or adult at a festival. Whether the mission is to create for a costume for a parade, make a  mosaics from organic materials or create a permanant mosaic artwork for the site. All is possible.

Contact Stephanie for more information. Thank you

Please enjoy the photographs below.

girl making a costume with mosaics

girl with mosaic clothes to wear

dress in mosaic clothes and with a mosaic whale 'Say no to whaling'

The finished 'Say No to Whaling' community mosaic and festival made mosaic clothes for the parade.


mosaic of seahorses made at a festival

Sea Horse, Festival mosaic made by the festival goers.

mosaic being made at a festival 


petal and pond festival name sign board

 Contact Stephanie for more information. Thank you

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