Examples of course made artworks and process

The simplicity of this design of a waterfront view is stunning. You can really get lost in it's gorgeous use of stained glass for the sea and sky. Which was the desired effect.


Examples of course made artworks and process

Here are some more examples of artworks made on courses. Its interesting to see what can be acheived in the relatively short time, 2-3 day course.Some of the mosaic were made using 'lead contouring' so make sure you are on the correct course if you want to use this technique on the course you choose.


 “Thoroughly enjoyable, learned new techniques and produced a finished mosaic”

This beautiful mosaic of a lotus flower was created using the 'countoured mosaic technique' which really brings life to the flower through raised dimensions. the backgroud on this piece is delicious with is gradient of colours, really lovely.



This wonderfully abstract and expressionistic mosaic was inspired by the lanscape of home an the colours of a traditional woven Welsh cushion that was going to share the same livingroom space. This more contemporary approach to mosaic construction really explores the variety of applications that can be made using tiles and how they can make a picture and story through assemblage and traditional techniques. 


This gorgeous sunflower encorporated the use of lead and a printed tile that told a story of the keyside and home. I really like the mixed colours of the background, it contrasts so well with the yellow flower.



This mother earth image was a complex design for the short time of 2 days to create but worked really well. The use of differenttile shapes and altering the directions of the tiles, they exagerated the movement of the rolling hills, river of hair and sun shine rays.


  “Great company and vibe 10/10..was a great experience and fantastic venue”


This piece was made by a few people over a couple of days. I love the way they have placed the mosaic on slate and used the lead in a lively way. Really having fun with the 'contoured mosaic technique' to make the trees and river really stand out. I also love the tea cups as an extra dimesion of interest and story. They were thinking of growing a plant out of the cup.


This mosaic of a flower was being made for a for a garden. The contrasting shapes and materials are really calming but interesting alike. A remender that a mosaic can have other materilas integrated in alongside tiles to create beautiful contrasts.


The Process of grouting

Grout is a product used to fill the gaps between the tiles, making a lovely finished look to your work while making it water tight.

Grout is a very fine mix of cement, coloured if desired and is an exciting process if a little messy to apply. Firstly the grout is mixed with water to a paste and smeared over the mosaic. It is then cleaned off while pressing the grout into the gaps, then slowly as more of the surplus grout is removed the finished mosaic can be seen. This process can be resonably fast at about an hour but depending on the complexity of undulating gradients used, then it can take a couple of hours to clean up, using a cotton bud to do so.

Its very exciting to see the mosaic shine through the film of grout and reveal itself for the first time.  


Private tutouring 

Just in case you want to learn alone or with just a friend. Just ask Stephanie

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