a view of an exhibition about dyslexia



Exhibiting artworks give me expansive platform to visually communicate a story through the mediums of paint, sculpture, installation or assemblage art. I aim to capture an emotion or sensation that I embed into the process of making. In thought, wondering if a sensation is experienced while viewing the art.


As a multidisciplinary artist, there are no limits to the materials, approach or process I use to create art. I am fascinated by the qualities and potential of materials and how they, through mindful handling, become my descriptive language. I see materials as holding qualities that reflect emotions as well as stories and I use them conciously as metaphors for communication.


Through combining mosaic and assemblage techniques, I aim to create and construct works that have a fluid and sensitively communicated message. 


Many of my artworks display unorthodox construction theories of mosaic art, where  units or information are replaced by tessarae or tiles and in a sense released from the confines of cement. 


Collaboration with artists and artisans are often necessary to realise the manufacture of artworks or installations. These partnerships expand the potential of design and execution of artworks.


If I sit here today and see from this point, and feel from this body, 

when you walk by I will be touched by you. 

Your breeze will mark my skin and I will taste your flesh on my fingertips.


/ˈhɪərəʊ/ - Hero