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Learn the art of mosaic




'Contoured Mosaics'

Dates for July's course

Friday 9th 6-8pm, Saturday 10th 10-5pm, Sunday 11th July 10-4pm

A three day course designed to gain knowledge in the 'contouring technique' of making mosaic art. Ideal for keen crafters or experienced makers.

£255 per person 

Please see Contoured Mosaic Course for more details.


'Express in Mosaic'

Date for June 2021

Saturday 26th 10-5pm and Sunday 27th July 10-4pm

A 2 day course designed to gain knowledge in the beautiful art of mosaic. Ideal for beginners or experienced makers.

£190 per person including materials and space hire

Please see Express in Mosaic Course for more details. 


A deposit of £55 is required to reserve your place on all courses. All deposits transferable to other courses or the purchase of artwork. 


Booking now open for your opportunity to give yourself some quality time exercising your creative energy.

My workshops are little moments of indulgence that please the eyes and mind.

Become lost in beautiful, high quality materials and the calming process of making. I provide a relaxed and good spirited making environment for all.

For more information scroll to bottom of page or/and contact Stephanie or call 07773 276778 


The below information gives 3 possible mosaic learning approaches for you to concider. 


Keep connected  with my ‘Courses’ page on my website or join my mailing list, to keep updated on classes.




Mosaic classes and courses

My mosaic workshops and courses are designed to allow artistic skills to emerge or strengthen in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Each class is carefully constructed to suit beginners or/and the more experienced. I will show you step by step methods and processes to enable you to produce a mosaic from your chosen design. This may include a combination of glass and ceramic, or introduce lead as an outline to bring enhanced structure and contouring to your artwork. 

Dates to be arranged - prices may not include space hire if not stated.

Examples of mosaics made on classes


One day class:  £95 per person

This day class will provide step by step instruction on how to create a mosaic from glass and ceramic. It is ‘a day starter class’, so the outcomes will be small but beautiful. You will learn all the processes and materials needed to make a mosaic at home. Mosaic size estimated 20x20cm                        

Class length - 6 hours   

Minimum in a class 5     

Materials included

Space hire included


Two day course: £195 per person

A two day class will give you time to become absorbed in design, consider the organisation of materials and construction techniques and adequate time to grout your mosaic, at a steady pace. A highlight of lead contouring will be available, to bring extra dimension to your mosaic. Mosaic size - estimated 25x25cm   

Course length  - 1x 6 and 1x 5 hour days - 11 hours                       

Minimum in class 4, max 5                             

Materials included 

Space hire included


Three day Weekend course: £255 Per person

This more intensive course is designed for those with a project in mind or someone who wants to gain a deeper experience of learning the processes of mosaic art.  I will teach the process of creating using the 'contoured technique' of lead manipulation,  adding extra dimensions and contours to your artwork. Mosaic size variable, sculptural welcome. 

Course length - 14 hours                            

Minimum 5 on course                                                                     

Space hire included                                

Basic materials included


The artist in me

Living in South Wales has provided me with great inspiration and I feel, in fascination with the industrial materials of my landscape. Although much of my art is practiced in the community, I also create works internationally and for private clients. 

My artwork is distinctive for its use of metal or lead that I manipulate, creating contouring and multi layered dimensions.  Although I have been teaching for many years and enjoy the interactive nature of skill sharing, it is only now that I begin to teach the ‘contoured mosaic technique' of making used within my art. 



Due to the current situation, organising personal activities  have become more difficult for us all.  If you can organise a small group and have a community centre around the corner, this could be ideal for running a day class or 2 day course. Travel and B&B costs might apply if I cannot commute there daily.  If you cover the additional costs, the 5th person in your group, may come free of charge.


All classes will run in accordance with current Government Guidance.


Most of my classes run from the Sustain Theatre, situated in the beautiful Wentwood Forest, a 25 minute drive from Newport and Chepstow. Postcode for its location NP15 1ND (look for Wentwood Timber


The Sustain Theatre is an eco theatre that promotes a sustainable way of living. Its a beautiful place to unwind and be creative. 


Just for your knowledge the toilets are outdoor compostable and have disabled access.

Please dont hesitate to get in contact with any queries.





 Please feel to print off the leaflet above. 



“Thoroughly enjoyable, learned new techniques and produced a finished mosaic”

a happy women proud of her mosaic she just made

  “Great company and vibe 10/10..was a great experience and fantastic venue”


General Course Information 


All support and guidance is given throughout the courses.

All courses are run in guidence with COVID-19 regulations

The Sustain Theatre only has outdoor compostable toilets, just for your knowledge.


mosaic workshops set up with plastic duck holding tools

Jo Haycock photography

Please contact Stephanie to discuss the course in more detail.








Contoured Mosaic Course JULY 2021 - February 11, 2021

Mosaic and Creative Workshops - January 28, 2021

Outdoor Arts - January 27, 2021

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