Commissioned Mosaic Artworks

masaic of a mandala



I love to work alongside a client in creating a mosaic that is designed especially for an individual life style, home, garden and budget. I am easy to speak with and love to hear about your personal stories that might enrich your commissioned work, making it all the more personal and unique.

Please contact me to discuss and chat about a project you may have in mind or an artwork you may desire.


Stephanie’s style of mosaic making in unique and one that she has been developing for over 20 years. 

Her passion for drawing could not be left on the paper, so she uses lead to represent that linear, that brings contours and movement, andamento or rhythm to her works.

Quite unusual and definitely distinctive as a result, her works are multi layered and intriguing. She uses only the finest of glass, stone or found objects to create a mosaic where every material is concidered and relivant to the the portral of her given theme.

Stephanie will take you on a journey with her mosaic artwork, and share an insight into an emotion, enhanced with colour and iridesence, so it changes under every light condition.

Please contact me, stephanie. Thank you


I hope you enjoy the many examples of commissions below.

mosaic of a daffodil in glass and in-between glass sheets

Precious memories
mosaic of a man with a clowns nose
mosaic of flowers inspired by Van Gogh
13 flowers
seven sisters a mosaic about female empowerment in Newport
Seven sisters
street performer made of mosaic
Street performer
wedding mosaic




pebble art

Nature and Pebbles


school mosaic

Creative and Discover


mosaic in a villa setting



Mosaic stepis

City garden steps 


mosaic Pheonix



Augustus 1 Roman Emperor made of mosaic   



dolphin mosaic



San Daniano Crucifix

 mosaic of a lady with a plate as hair




Fantasy Dragon

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