San Damiano Cross

san domino cross made of mosaic 

Symbolic Mosaic Commission 

This site specific brief was to adorn the facade of a Catholic School with a Franciscan Cross inspired by the Church of Assisi in Italy.

A concept where materials and design brought significance and relevance to the backstories of the iconic depiction of Christ on the cross and spirituality of the church.


A mosaic commission can bring added symbolic or iconic representation to an interior or exterior space ot building. 

Working in close collaboration with client and architect, throughout the designing, making and installation process, works can be created to adorn any chosen space.

This beautiful  San Damiano Cross was made from stained glass and lead to reflect the interior light that glows form the pictorial windows of the church.


San Damiano Cross, 2008

Location: Padre Pio RC Primary School, Pontypool, Wales.

Client: St Alban's Catholic Church and Padre Pio RC Primary School in association with Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre

Funders: The parish of St Albans, Pontypool Archdiocese of Cardiff

Materials: Smalti, stained glass, lead, 18K gold, power shell, mother of pearl, steel frame.

Dimensions: 2.5m x 3.5m



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