How to commission an artwork


mosaic of son and mother looking at a mosaic

Mosaic wall artwork with ceramic features.    Price on quote request or see For Sale

(photo credit Blog header- Jo Haycock Photography)


Commission an artwork


If you would like to commission an artwork firstly think about the following -


  • Where do you want it to be installed or sited, interior or exterior? This makes a an important difference to the materials used in the making process and to what appropriate fixings are used.


  • What materials are you inspired by or have been drawn to in my other works? All this and any other information can help me create bespoke art for you personally. A mood board or story/poem might work here to help us work together on the design process.


  • What size is the space/wall and what is the space used for? Is there a high thoroughfare in that area?
  • Is the wall an external or internal partition wall?


  • What is your budget? I can work to a given amount, so you receive the greatest artwork for your budget.


  • Will you be able to install the artwork? Will you be able to collect the artwork if too large for delivery?These are all extra costs that need to be thought about and discussed, so there are no hidden costs.


Commissions begin at £45 plus package and postage


P&P will vary according to to the individual mosaic, this will be evaluated after work has been finished.

It will be at your cost to choose the best delivery option and I will arrange it. Personal delivery available. 

Installation options are also available, my team and /or myself can install for you, if you prefer.

I live in South Wales, UK to put some geography to the options.


Purchases can be made through PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER, this we can discuss on your enquirey. Thank you


Please feel free to email me, Stephanie, to arrange to make a call or write to me regarding a piece of work you are interested in knowing more about. 



mosaic in menorca villa

Site specific mosaic art


mosaic on slate with pottery

On slate - Inspired by sentimental crockery                                                      


women making a mosaic

3 dimensional mosaic with 'contoured mosaic technique'   

Photo credit - Jo Haycock Photography


pebble art

Outdoor artworks , materials and colours to suit your home orgarden                                                                                                   


I look forward to chatting to discuss your commission.

Many thanks








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