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girl making a mosaic

Key Stage 3-4, Utilising making to provide ‘Work Experience’ education for pupils


Mosaic projects can be utilised to create deeper layers of learning through the umbrella of arts and education.

These projects are methods of creating community interaction bring vibrant and professional made mosaics to communities and schools. 


Please contact Stephanie to discuss a project.


Please enjoy looking at the examples of projects below.


Theme - to highlight the importance of women's role at home during WW1

mosaic a public artwork

Every Women Remembered


Theme- to reflect the environment and that year in a pebble art mosaic for community gardens

finished pebble art mosaic made by children


girl designing a mosaic with tiles

mosaic being made by a girl


Theme - to promote healthy eating/ life style in school

secondary children making a mosaic sat on the floor

proud pupils with their mosaic about healthy living


Theme - to highlight the activities and location of the local leisure centre

mosaic of a man and women dancing with a dolphin and fish 

children making a mosaic of a dolphin


Theme - to create a sculture and floor mosaic for a new walk way area

Pupils and teacher sat on a sculpture made by secondary school children


Theme - to create a mosaic book to give meaning to a sacred well

boys making a pebble mosaic

pebble mosaic


Mosaic projects can be utilised to create deeper layers of learning through the umbrella of arts and education.


The projects I run for secondary education are often supported by local councils, heritage or other art/community funds. These funds enable collaborative partnerships to help facilitate the placing of ‘made mosaic artworks’ into community spaces. 


This allows for a highly structured project that provides a series of learning and making workshops, that are designed to enable pupils to understand all the stages involved in creating art for school or the public domain. These include constructing questionnaires, considering the design brief, discussions, in depth designing, materials and costings, as well as practical application of mosaic materials and skill learning. 


These projects are fantastic ways for pupils who are more practically minded, to excel, push those who are artistically creative. Gaining confidence, self pride and achievement to all. 


The projects are mindful in all respects of abilities and provide a healthy academic / Well-Being balance.


I have being designing, directing and facilitating projects for secondary schools in collaboration with external funding bodies for over 20 years. I believe these opportunities are worth the extra commitment from teachers, as the results are always superb on so many levels of education. The process, journey, outcomes and rewards are a wonderful experience for all. 


Please contact Stephanie to discuss a project.


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