Say No to Whaling


say no to whaling mosaic of a whale


This fantastic project was created to connect and engage audiences and participants with an important message, Say NO to Whaling.  

This mosaic whale was a collaboration between international artists and the local community, adorned with its new skin of messages it featured in Newport's 'Big Splash' summer extravaganza. It was situated in a local pop-up centre on the high street where community members were encouraged to help make the whale have a shiny new skin.


This whale was the old 'squirty whale' from Newport Leisure Centre that I discovered in my local Salvage Yard. As soon as I saw him I knew he was destined for greater things and I convinced The Big Splash to fund his revival, with an all import message. He was made by international artists I had met in Chile and lived in the UK , who can and supported me on the project, just for the love of the art form and Greenpeace campaign.


These projects connect and engage an audience in some of todays ideologies - humanitarian, ecological and global issues. Through process, skill sharing and education, art can bring awareness and discussion to thematics.

Delivery of a healthy ethos, encouraging cultural and community cohesion and pride through promoting global sustainability.

fibre glass whale in salvage yard

children with mosaic whale

International mosaic artists and community members making a mosaic whale






International mosaic artists, Tamara Froud, Rachel Silver, myself and Se Van Weert.


Location: The Project Space, Newport, Wales.

Funders: Newport City Council and Arts Development Newport.

Materials: Abandoned fibre glass form, mixed mosaic.

Dimensions: 2m x 1.5m x 1.5m


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