Spirituality and mosaics

mosaic of cross and aspects of school life

A mosaic is a perfect choice for a spiritual school.

The materials I use find a radiant connection between the stained glass windows of a church and the metal of their lead. The conbination used in my mosaics bring that glorious energy into your school.

I work closely with all to ensure that the message and contect in correct and well observed. 

 mosaic half made

mosaic of a girl reading 

a girl making a mosaic

Small mosaic projects 

Mosaic projects encourage creative and practical learning through structured teaching methods, including topical discussions, designing for purpose, constructing to aid visualisation of outcome, all aiding in the process of design. 

Practical mosaic techniques are then introduced to bring colour theory, movement and texture to the design inspired by the depth and beauty of the materials  supplied. 

Demonstrations on the use of tools and techniques of stencil making, bring insight to the process on manufacture. 

These projects promote educated problem solving, group working and focused making, to create beautiful glass mosaics that echo the theme or topic of choice to be enjoyed by pupils and their communities.

children school mosaic of Jesus and children

Project outline 

Example Project which makes a 4ft x4ft mosaic this might not be a regular shape for an exterior or interior space


8 day project which includes -


1 day - in school design workshop

1 day - design and prep by artist

4 days - in school making

1 day - Grouting and preparation for installation

1 day - installation


All materials and substrate board included

Installation is included in fee as long as scaffold in not required.


Cost £2600


mosaic of Padre Pio

 girls making a mosaic in school

Photo - Jo Hacycock Photography

All projects are designed to suit a school and communities needs and budget. 

mosaic of a girl holding hearts in her hands
mosaic of Mary
finished mosaic of a cross for school

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