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children pointing at chosen design for a mosaic

A project in school and community connectivity

Every school has its own personal ideas of what a project needs to achieve as its aims and objectives.


This project at Graig Y Rhacca, demonstrates how important not only were its pupils but the community in which they live are too. 


This residency excitingly was to engage with the children from Year 5 and discuss the message they wanted to convey to their community. The result being a public art sculpture that was to be situated by the main gates to the school.

The project I ran mimicked that of 'work experience'. The children had to absorb themselves in their topic, chosen by the school and then engage with their families and friends to full understand that the artwork to made was just as much about the community as them.


A project like this can run with a fully enthused Head, to support the staff involved and a want to engage fully with its community, in collaboration with local Council for support and funding.


The photographs below show the processes and structure of the project through from making and sculpture construction. 

design idea drawn by children hearts 

children sculpture made from cardboard

pointing at the design to make 4 children

sculpture ready to add mosaic too

Children sat at a table making a mosaic of leaves

blacksmith holding a sculptural Fram of leaves

packaged mosaic leaves ready to be installed

This project was unfortunately postponed by lockdown and Covid-19. Completed photos will follow when the artwork is installed.

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