Global Arts Festival - India 2018 Arts Residency

Artwork being made

An art residence in The Rann of Kutch, in the salt desert of West India.

I was invited to take part in this once of a life time opportunity and experience, to create artwork for 5 weeks alongside 29 international artists.  Inspired by India, our artworks were to be exhibited and sold as our exchange for this Indian Government supported experience.

After recently completing a project that celebrated women from my home City, I followed my theme of celebration. I created these sketches based on my observations of Indian women I had seen throughout the landscape and culture of my experience. 

They depict the 5 aspects of women.

Each piece is accompanied by an object or made artwork that runs along the side of each pieces that enhance the makers stamp on the board. I wanted to suggest the 'place' the figure was taken from and place the work back in its environmental and industrial context.

My portfolio of artworks often depict the links between self and society, people and landscape and India was full of inspiration. To encourage this sence of understanding my new environment, I commissioned a mother of a girl I met, an artisan from the local Hodka Tribe, to make a beaded motif for one of the sketches. It felt like a exchange I could make to support their sustainability in the harsh enviroment of the salt desert and for their friendship and hospitality, to my curiosity and respect of their art, lifestyle and culture. 


Artwork inspired by Indian women


5 artworks based on Indian women



The experience


Studio -


Environment - 


Masterclass - Mexian street artist


 Observation - Drawing alonsgide local artists


Culture -


Spiritual - 


Landscape -


Interpretations -


Connection - 


Travel -


Festivals -

artists from Chile reunited in India

Reconnected - Some of the Artists from The International Mosaic Intervention, Chile meet again in India. 


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