Mosaic Art

The process of mosaic assemblage gives me the freedom to be inspired by a unlimited array of materials and objects. Influenced by industrial materials, metal forms linear boundaries that allow me to create contours and depth. The ancient Greeks believed mosaics are one of the ‘divine orders’ alongside music, muse and museum. This will never fail to inspire me.


Follow the scent


Blind Venus – Hundertwasser study

Industrial garden

Kiwi memories

I saw a kiss curl

I had a dream

Urban Performance

She feeds the soul

13 subflowers


Barnabas House, Newport.

The Project Space, Newport.

Urban Art Space, Newport.

The Upmarket Galleries, Newport.

The Riverfront Theatre and Gallery, Newport.

Cafe’ Oriel, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran.

Oran Gallery, Newport.

Ceil Gallery, NC, USA.

 Craft Renaissance, Usk.

Dartington Hall, Totnes.

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