Public Art
Councils/Coorporate Organisations

Mosaic art or sculptural form designed to inform and discuss a thematic in the context of a public location. The site specific artwork will delivery to the brief accurately and concisely bringing greater audiences, interaction and education while simultaineously enhancing the aesthetics of a location.

Centenary, 2015

Location: ABP Newport Docks, South Lock, Newport, Wales.

Funders: Associated British Ports and Pill Regeneration Project Newport.

Client: Associated British Ports

Materials: Glass mosaic, smalti, slate, metal, abandoned objects from Newport docks.

Dimensions: 2.6m x 3.5m

Designed to promote the heritage and culture of the historical legacies of Newport's dock workers. The mosaic depicts the fashion culture of dock workers in 1914 and 2014, aerial details of the docks and a ships bow.