Art created to connect and engage an audience and participants of some of todays ideologies. Collaborations for individual wellbeing, art for healing and education. Delivery of a healthy ethos, encouraging cultural and community cohesion and pride through promoting global sustainability.

Say No to Whaling, 2014

Location: The Project Space, Newport, Wales.

Funders: Newport City Council and Arts Development Newport.

Materials: Abandoned fibre glass form, mixed mosaic.

Dimensions: 2m x 1.5m x 1.5m

A collaboration between international artists and the local community featuring an up-cycled whale, adorned with its new skin of messages it featured in Newport's 'Big Splash' summer extrazaganza.

These projects connect and engage an audience in some of todays ideologies - humanitarian, ecological and global issues. Through process, skill sharing and education art can bring awareness and discussion to thematics.