Seven Sisters of Newport, 2019

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Seven Sisters of Newport

In 2018, Newport City Council successfully received two Heritage Fund Grants to create a series of community mosaics that celebrate women through Newport's history. 

Directed and facilitated by artist Stephanie Roberts, the mosaics were created through collaboration with community groups across the city. 

These unique artworks are a homage to 170 years of women's struggle for freedom of choice.

St. Paul’s Walk is a community space that celebrates all 'Sisters'.


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Why dedicate a space to women of Newport?


lady rhondda

This collection of public artwork was created out of respect to Newport women. 


As a response to the historic and contemporary facts and stories that were uncovered, the actions and sensibilities of these women, who through hard times found empowerment and became truly inspirational.


St. Paul's Walk has become a landmark monument to these women who fought for Human Rights and Women's Rights. From past to present, the Seven Sisters mosaics depict episodes in time, that continue to relate to all our lives today; encouraging us to remember these strong courageous women.

 The aim was to reach out to communities across the city and share these women's stories. This resulted in sixteen community groups, collaborating in the conceptual designing and placing of each carefully considered tile. Over 300 community members with women, men and children participating.

3 ladies making a mosaic

The importance of St. Paul's Church together with these women's stories, inspired the use of stained glass, drawing visual conversations with its windows.



The Seven Sisters


JOAN - The Chartist period brought men and women together in marching for democracy and human rights. Joan Williams and Mary Brewer came to the forefront as a Chartist organisers in Newport.


ww1 munitions worker

MINNIE - Women of Newport, worked for their country at home and abroad during the First World War effort, like Minnie Sanders a munitions worker. Their bravery and determination kept the country running while their men fought on the front.



MARGARET - The Right to Vote campaign championed two 'Societies' of women - the peaceful progress, Suffragists and the activists, Suffragettes. Lady Rhondda is Newport's most prolific Suffragette.



RUBY – The Second World War brought many women of Newport to aid the war effort, such as munitions worker Ruby Loftus. Many of the women of Newport would have also worked as nurses for the Red Cross.



MARY - First Lady Mayor of Newport, Councillor, Magistrate and campaigner for equalrights, Mary Hart. Mary portrays how women have become respected and highly educated members of the work and social environment.


girl with trophy of leaves


NATASHA - Athlete, Natasha Cockram, female winner of the first Newport marathon, illustrates that through determination sport is becoming an educated career choice for women.


boy with girl making a heart symbol with hands



ESI - Represents a modern woman of Newport. She illustrates how education in Freedom of Choice and Equal Rights enables her to approach life, nurturing respect and harnessing equal opportunities.  


lady making a mosaic

Photo credit, Jo Haycock Photography 

man making a mosaic

Photo credit, Jo Haycock Photography

boy making a mosaic

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