BAMM London Pecha Kucha 20x20 Talk and Workshop

BAMM London Pecha Kucha Talk and Workshop


Im really feeling pretty honoured to be announcing that I will be hosting a workshop for the British Association for Modern Mosaic in October 2016. Situated in King's College London BAMM holds its Annual Forum, with guest speakers from the UK and around the world sharing their mosaic artworks, process and concepts. After a dinner out, Sunday brings a day of workshops with which there are always an abundance of great techniques, processes and therories to induldge yourself in. This year my work will be one of just those.

"A combination of demonstrations and practical guidance that will teach the process I have been developing. This process will allow mosaic art to lift from the surface creating new dimensions and intrigue."

I will also be giving a Pecha Kucha style talk (20 slides in 2 minutes) to introduce my work on Saturday at the Forum, through sharing images of my 'height contoured' mosaic art that I have been exploring for over 10 years. My use of soft metals allows me to recreate the gentle curves created by the pencil line but with the beauty of adding height to the contours. I am capivated by level of heightened interest and observation this technique produces through greating these undulations or landscape. I imagine the landscapes as rockpools on the beach, mini environments that allur the veiwer and capture the imagination.

Annual Forum details are below in the BAMM poster. To book tickets to the workshop click the link below.

I invite the participants to please bring any materials and designs with them that they may want to encorporate into your design on the day, I will however have all you will need. The mosaics we making will be on either slate or travertine as our substrate just so you know. Will add to and confirm these details when I have the tiles in my hands. Oh.. please bring your clippers!

I look forward to the event and to meet you. Thanks.


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