Its Chile in 2014

1st International Mosaic Art Project Chile 2014


It's Chile just around the corner and the excitement is brewing. 60 mosaic artists from around the world have been chosen and preparations that spread the globe are beginning. Magic garden is the theme of the project and with each artist receiving a 1.5m x 1.5m area of the Town Hall facade in Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile to make their mosaic artwork.

The pencils are scribbling fast and furiously and the bags are nearly packed!

Isidora Paz Lopez  is the astounding courageous lady that has made this world wide event become a reality. Check out her past project linked below, the inspiration for  the 1st International Mosaic art Project 2014.

Urban Mosaic Interventions, Puente Alto/Chile. - YouTube


This cacti is just one example of the skills on her previous project. Now the pressure is on for us 60 to get those mosaics in order and make some phenomenal art. Just looking at that line up.. I don't think we will be short of some outstanding mosaic designs and techniques. What a treat this is going to be!

list of names

Artists Invited

Time to get back to the drawing board.

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